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CVI - Catalog Validation

The integration engine for the SAP SRM-MDM Catalog

Communication is easier, if problems are detected automatically and solved in a standardized way. The ASAPIO Catalog Validation & Integration Engine optimizes the content management process for the SAP SRM-MDM Catalog by means of automized validation and communication procedures.

Content management process

Supplier catalogs have to be updated on a regular basis several times a year depending on the industry and market. Before this update process can take place the catalogs have to be checked to ensure the quality of the data. Performing these checks, CVI takes into account the current settings in the operator's SRM-MDM catalog, these are - among many more -

This validation of supplier catalogs leads to an error free import into the catalog management system by the catalog operator and prevents erroneous imports and a number of correction runs. This leads to high savings in communication and time effort both for the supplier and the operator.

At a glance - Accelerated integration process

Considerable saving potentials by

The CVI Engine is a product of Asapio GmbH & Co. KG and was developed in close cooperation with SAP SRM Consulting.