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  • Open dialog in Shopping Wizard or professional screen
  • Extra options for individual setup
  • Monitor Frequency Shopping Carts and its copies

Frequency Shopping Cart

Automatic ordering of Shopping Carts

Our solution Frequency Shopping Cart allows the automatic ordering based on periodic setup. Typically this can be used for continuous demands (e.g. office supplies). It is possible to setup periods daily, weekly or monthly similar to Microsoft©Outlook functionalities.

The right monitoring

After ordering a Frequency Shopping Cart the automatic process of continuous ordering will start. To monitor the ordered Shopping Carts our solution covers an own POWL. This POWL allows to monitor the Frequency Shopping cart and its copies as a kind of item Table. It also displays the next date of automatic ordering. Furthermore it is possible to setup notification before an order will be executed or in case of errors.


The solution can be adjust for every customer to follow individual needs: