pdud diagram


Increased overview on shopping cart data

By standard, the SAP POWL (Personal Object Worklist) can display either only head data or all items of all shopping carts at once in one single list. This makes the overview getting lost. To get an short overview of one SC with all its items at once is not possible the easy way. The Item POWL by Asapio extends this standard by all the items of the selected shopping cart. These are displayed in a freely configurable table to enable the user has the best clear view on head and item data. To get the highest possible recognition value, the design has been orientated on the familiar look of the item table of the shopping cart. But redundant or dispensable information will not be displayed.

Easy handling

The user can easily navigate to the item details of the shopping cart via links. Additionally, the Item POWL itself can be extended by customer specific expansions to the individual needs of every customer, e.g. direct actions or a pop-up to display multi-account-assignments. To integrate the Item POWL by Asapio into the standard POWL no enhancements or even modification is needed.