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  • einfache Selektion
  • Visualisierung von Ergebnissen
  • Übersicht Systemzustand
  • Fehlerhafte Workitems
  • Workitems ohne Bearbeiter
  • Belegbasierte Workflowübersicht

PD Monitor

SRM under control

Our Purchasing Documents Monitor combines business data reports with powerful administrative functions. Besides SRM data aggregations and administrative reports and functions, the PD-Monitor offers a flexible framework for including customer reports. All reports can be assigned to different user groups and roles. The PD-Monitor can be included seamlessly into the SAP Enterprise Portal together with SAP SRM and therefore adopts the corporate design of the Portal.

SRM administrative support

One highlight is the workflow and system status overview. At a first glance the administrator sees system information like workflow status, overdue workitems, system dumps and locked users. From the overview administrators can navigate to more detailed reports and execute functions to solve the problem (e.g. restart workflows).

Integrated reports

The PD-Monitors standard delivery package includes the following reports and functionalities:

Your reports

Our standard solution can easily be enhanced with customer reports. We would be glad to discuss your requirements with you and create additional reports based on your own specifications or include your own reports into the PD-Monitor.