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Release: 9.32204 / Last update: September 2, 2022

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ASAPIO Integration Add-on connects SAP systems to any platform:

  • One solution for any SAP connectivity
  • Create interfaces in minutes, code-less
  • Real-time SAP application integration
  • Mass data transfer capable
  • Outbound + inbound messaging
  • Certified by SAP


Please note: the available features may vary per Connector – please see Connector documentation for reference of supported features.

Supported triggers

    • SAP Business Object events
    • SAP Workflow events
    • Change documents
    • IDocs
    • Custom trigger points

Supported formats

    • CloudEvents
    • JSON
    • XML
    • Custom formats

Outbound and inbound messaging

Outbound messaging features:

    • Push data out, real-time
    • Single events or mass data transfer
      • Event-driven messaging
      • Batch-driven mass loads
      • Multiple messages per call
    • Supports JSON, CloudEvents, XML, custom formats

Inbound messaging features:

    • Communication options:
      • Pull data from a REST endpoint
      • Receive data at ASAPIO REST endpoint
    • Processing options:
      • Synchronous processing
      • Asynchronous processing / data staging
    • Processing options:
      • Stage data into an ASAPIO IDoc
      • Direct processing (BAPI, custom-code)
    • Supports JSON, CloudEvents, XML, custom formats

Supported target platforms

    • Microsoft® Azure®
    • Confluent® / Kafka®
    • Solace® PubSub+®
    • Google® Pub/Sub
    • StreamSets®
    • Custom applications/platforms
    • Any REST-enabled endpoint
    • SAP Event Mesh®
    • SAP Fieldglass®

Performance features

    • Load-balancing/multiple work processes
    • Collect multiple events into one call
    • Scheduled jobs for reprocessing
    • Very low system impact
    • Can handle thousands of messages per second

Reliability features

    • At-least-once delivery strategy
    • Unlimited retries
    • Receiver is-alive check
    • HA/failover connections

Monitoring and management features

    • Monitoring application
    • Payload monitoring
    • Customizing guide built into SAP IMG
    • Transport of configurations with SAP CTS

Product architecture

The product is an Add-on for SAP NetWeaver® systems, and also works with HANA DB and S/4HANA private cloud or on-prem editions. See section “Pre-requisites for SAP NetWeaver® systems” for details.

The Add-on itself has a modular design and delivers code-less features and low-code possibilities for both built-in and custom triggers, data enrichment modules and formatters.

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