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Connect SAP systems to Cloud — code-less

Bi-directional data and process integration. Install it on SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC and many other on-prem and private cloud SAP systems.

Connect your SAP systems with major cloud and data platforms like Azure, Kafka, Solace Google, AWS, or just any REST service.

Our universal and code-less solution enables seamless data exchange and integrated business processes for SAP on-premises or private cloud systems. Built with over 20 years experience in SAP consulting.

Solve any connectivity

Access any SAP data

Real-time + batch

Outbound + inbound

Code-less interfaces

Fast to implement

Fully customizable payload

Pre-defined content

Fast (Thousands of messages/sec)

Auto re-transfer

No middleware required

Ticket support

SAP integration solved by ASAPIO

ASAPIO Integration Add-on is a specialized Add-on for SAP ECC and S/4HANA systems to simply integration and data exchange within complex enterprise ecosystems.

By leveraging event-driven communication both SAP-outbound and -inbound , ASAPIO Integration Add-on is the one-stop solution to enable SAP data integration with many major event brokers and hyperscaler data services.

Key Features:

  • Unified Integration Framework: ASAPIO Integration Add-on offers a unified framework to connect heterogeneous systems effortlessly which works universally on a wide range of SAP systems.
  • Application integration: The add-on simplifies data extraction by listening to thousands of existing SAP application events (triggers) and allows you to use these proven SAP-internal mechanics for outbound-driven data exchange. Code-less and low-code tools like ASAPIO Payload Designer speed up integration time and reduce effort.
  • Event-Driven Messaging and Batch-loads: both approaches are supported by ASAPIO and can also be combined, e.g for initial load of data, or to allow micro-batching and near real-time.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: ASAPIO Integration Add-on provides a comprehensive monitoring and analytics app. Administrators can track key integration metrics, analyze performance, and diagnose issues, including payload tracking.
  • Security and Compliance: Security measures are an integral part of the add-on’s design. Authorization and connectivity security is fully based on SAP built-in standard concepts.

Universal connectivity

Choose between a dedicated platform connector that cares for authentication and other required basics, or use our generic REST connector to communicate data to your custom app or platform.

Key differentiator: SAP application layer integration

Instead of only allowing data extraction on a table layer, like database CDC tools do it, or relying on the rare number of SAP APIs, ASAPIO goes a direct approach and acts as the actual interface for your SAP applications, hooking into the SAP application and data flows, with major benefits:

Event-driven architecture, for real-time messaging and batch loads

  • Identifies data changes in SAP systems

  • Read configure data payload and create event message

  • Securely send the event message access to all SAP data

  • No separate server required

  • Supports parallel batch processing for outbound data

  • Push, not Pull: Remove the need for APIs to reduce system load

New feature: Code-less outbound interfaces, with ASAPIO Payload Designer

With ASAPIO Payload Designer (transaction /n/ASADEV/DESIGN), you can define the payload of event messages or batch interfaces using a configuration-only interface, without coding. It also comes with a set of pre-delivered ASAPIO payload types and versions, where a version can also mean a different scope of fields or other settings.

Learn more:

Using ASAPIO for inbound data

  • ASAPIO comes with a central REST endpoint
  • Inbound interface can be distinguished by URL
  • Data is only processed for registered interfaces
  • Pull or push data in, depending on Connector

Certified by SAP, Microsoft, Google and AWS

ASAPIO has official partnerships with many target platform providers, as a services provider or ISV, and has also certified many of its Connectors to work with the target platforms. Please contact us for further details.

ASAPIO is also listed on SAP Store and Azure Marketplace.

ASAPIO is SAP Partner

Certified by SAP

Microsoft Partner

Google Cloud Partner

AWS Qualified Software

Compatible SAP systems

ASAPIO Integration Add-on is installable on SAP NetWeaver based systems, including:

  • SAP S/4HANA®
  • SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud
  • Works with RISE with SAP®
  • SAP ECC® (ERP) 6.0 EhP3 and higher
  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • and many more

Please check out the system requirements at Documentation > Installation

Demo videos and keynotes

Demo video [5min] – EN | DE

Event-enable your SAP data with Solace

Demo with SAP sales orders, inbound and outbound. Also shows dynamic topics features.

Link to video replay: Real-time eCommerce integration with SAP Retail and Google cloud

Customer demo

Home Shopping Europe uses ASAPIO

Real-time eCommerce integration with SAP Retail and Google cloud.

Demo [1min]Configuration [8min]

Integrate SAP with Microsoft Azure and PowerPlatform

Send an SAP purchase order into an approval workflow in Microsoft Teams (LogicApp/PowerPlatform)

Demo video [4m44] – EN

How to use ASAPIO Payload Designer in ECC or S/4HANA

See how configuration works, from scratch.

Demo video [2min]

Connect SAP with AWS for data exchange

Send SAP data to Event Bridge, Kinesis, SNS and S3 Buckets

Demo video [2min]

Send SAP data to Google PubSub service

Outbound data to Google PubSub endpoint

Thousands of supported events

  • SAP Business Object events
  • SAP Business Transaction Events (BTE)
  • SAP Change Documents (CDHDR/CDPOS)
  • IDocs
  • SAP Output Determination
  • SAP S/4HANA Business Event Handling
  • Inbound replications from SAP CAR, EWM, SLT

+ many custom trigger options:

  • Use custom business object events
  • Calling ASAPIO framework via ABAP-code
  • Schedule ASAPIO job

Code-less interface creation

ASAPIO delivers built-in features for code-less configuration of message payload:

  • Database view (standard or custom)
  • CDS view (standard or custom)
  • Supports hierarchies
  • Code-less with ASAPIO Payload Designer
  • + Custom-exits possible

Real-time or batch-driven

  • Event-driven (real-time mode)
  • Batch mode (triggered by ASAPIO job)
  • Micro-batching (collect # of changes before transmitting them in a single call)
  • Parallel processing, across multiple SAP work processes (in batch mode)

SAP OEM editions of ASAPIO Integration Add-on

SAP OEM Connectors

ASAPIO is proud to be part of SAP’s integration strategy, with their technology being included in the subscription of SAP Event Mesh and SAP Fieldglass, ERP Editions.

Please note that these SAP OEM-branded versions are restricted in functionality and can only connect to the bundled solutions.

  • provides connectivity with SAP Event Mesh on SAP Business Technology Platform® for SAP ERP
  • is a business content package for SAP NetWeaver Event-enablement Add-on, providing end-to-end master data and process integration for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

ASAPIO is simple to use

ASAPIO Integration Add-on offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, simplifying integration processes for users of all levels of technical expertise. Here’s how simple ASAPIO is to use:

  • Intuitive User Interface: ASAPIO provides a simple user interface
  • Pre-built Adapters and Connectors: ASAPIO offers with a wide range of pre-built adapters and connectors for various target platforms.
  • Data Designer: ASAPIO offers a visual payload designer tool with drag-and-drop functionality. Users can effortlessly map data fields between different systems, eliminating the need for manual data transformation.
  • Step-by-Step Configuration: The integration setup follows a step-by-step configuration process, guiding users through each stage of integration. This approach simplifies complex tasks into manageable steps, ensuring smooth and error-free integration deployment.

Why is Event-driven integration becoming even more relevant?

SAP data is key for business processes

  • Sales, production, logistics, finance and other important data resides inside SAP systems
  • Integrating that data in hybrid landscapes is crucial for digitalization of business and processes

But… connecting SAP systems to such platforms and landscapes is tied to high efforts, due to the lack of available interfaces and the complex inner architecture of SAP applications.

This is why ASAPIO Integration Add-on is the solution: it makes integration effort-less, code-less (or low-code) and incredibly performant.

ASAPIO connects SAP Systems to Cloud.

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    Where to purchase/subscribe?

      • ASAPIO is offered under subscription license, including free upgrades and product support.
      • Minimum license term is 12 months (6 months if purchased from SAP Store)
      • You can obtain ASAPIO Integration Add-on in different Editions, from various resellers:
        • All connectors: from ASAPIO directly
        • for SAP Advanced Event Mesh: from SAP Store
        • for Solace PubSub+: from Solace, Canada (under Solace license terms)
        • for AI Vergabemanager: from AI AG, Germany (under AI license terms; only available with Connector for AI VERGABEMANAGER)

    Consulting and training services for SAP integration

    Let ASAPIO support you in your SAP integration journey. We offer end-to-end consulting services to guide you all the ways.

    • Design workshops
    • Training sessions (download Training Plan [pdf])
    • Deep technical analysis
    • Implementation support
    • Test, go-live and hypercare support

    ASAPIO is also a services partner of SAP, so many SAP entities can provide you with ASAPIO services through SAP services organisation.

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