SAP NetWeaver Event-Enablement Add-On

Native Connectivity with Event Mesh service on SAP Business Technology Platform®

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SAP® Event Mesh Integration

The Event Enablement Add-on allows real-time integration of SAP business data with SAP® Event Mesh service on SAP Business Technology Platform, enabling a multitude of new use cases such as IoT scenarios, SAP and third-party application integration, connecting to data lakes and cloud analytic solutions. For example, providing SAP sales and logistics information to a mobile app in real-time, integrating production data with cloud applications, and allowing big data integration between systems with multi-threading and micro-batching features.

Free Workshop:
SAP® Event Mesh for SAP ERP

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  • FAQ for installation and connectivity to SAP Business Technology Platform, based on the new Add-on from SAP and ASAPIO
  • Examples how to generate and consume events
  • Discuss use-cases and ideas with our expert

Martin Schöffler

Product Owner Event Messaging

Exlusively for SAP ERP customers

SAP NetWeaver Event-enablement Add-on provides connectivity with SAP Event Mesh on SAP Business Technology Platform for SAP ERP customers.
The Add-on is based on ASAPIO Integration Add-on and included in the subscription of Event Mesh service on SAP Business Technology Platform.

For SAP S/4HANA customers

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For SAP S/4HANA customers, an ASAPIO-licensed version of the Connector for SAP Event Mesh is available, based on ASAPIO Integration Add-on. Pleaes contact us for details and pricing.

How does it work?

The Add-on provides outbound & inbound connectivity.
Outbound is a push, HTTP(S) POST-based channel. Inbound channel uses SAP Cloud Connector for secure inbound message push.

SAP Event Mesh Integration

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