ASAPIO Workflow Inbox

The universal approval inbox for multiple SAP systems – with mobile UI

The universal workflow inbox for SAP and non-SAP approval workflows

Advanced and universal ASAPIO Workflow Inbox for SAP ERP, e.g. as a replacement for the portal UWL or for central mobile access for approvers. The ASAPIO Workflow Inbox (XWI) connects SAP and non-SAP systems and provides a structured inbox for the work items generated by the various connected systems.

Key features

Organize your workflow tasks in folders

With the ASAPIO Workflow Inbox, our customers define a folder structure for work items that is uniform for all employees of the company. Furthermore, each employee can manage their work items through an additional personal folder structure. This allows users to structure their work items according to criteria such as: Approval, resubmissions or completion, or by different processes.

Take action directly from the workitem

The ASAPIO Workflow Inbox also provides an Action Control Framework, which can be used to provide actions in their own interfaces with each work item type (for example, the approval of a shopping cart in SAP SRM). In addition, customer-specific actions can be easily embedded.

Supports many SAP NetWeaver systems

SAP Netweaver® – WebDynpro for ABAP® application, can easily be integrated into many SAP systems and portal landscapes.

A structured workplace for comfortable processing of work items – the advantages

  • Use a single inbox for all connected systems
  • Increased content transparency and faster turnaround time with task-specific user interfaces and actions
  • Connectivity to diverse backend systems
  • Overview and transparency about a large number of work items
  • Time savings through effective work item processing
  • Can be used with or without SAP Portal.
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