ASAPIO Procurement Solutions

ASAPIO Add-ons enhancing your SAP procurement solutions

ASAPIO Solutions

ASAPIO Add-On solutions for SAP ERP, SRM, PLM usually arise from to recurring questions of our customers. They represent additions and extensions to the SAP standard product scope and are made possible through our extensive know-how in the respective SAP application context. These solutions always rely on the existing technical and functional prerequisites of the SAP standard application and thus seamlessly optimize the SAP implementations of our customers. The solutions continue to increase the efficiency of handling our customers’ systems, thereby optimizing the ROI of the overall application. We offer our solutions together with our other services:

  • Maintenance and development of ASAPIO Solutions
  • SAP consulting and customer-specific developments
  • Maintenance and operation of your SAP system landscape

Solution Portfolio

ASAPIO Integration Add-on

The on-premise solution for cloud integration and the entire exchange of SAP master and transaction data with SAP Fielglass, SAP Ariba and other cloud solutions.

ASAPIO CVI Catalog Management

Web-based import, validation, management, and approval of catalog data for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Lean Catalog, SAP ERP, SAP SRM and more.

ASAPIO OCI Catalog Interface

Downport of the OCI interface to older SAP R/3 and SAP ERP systems as well as solutions for multiple catalogs in purchase orders, purchase requisitions and maintenance orders.

ASAPIO XWI Workflow Inbox

Advanced and universal SAP Fiori workflow inbox for SAP ERP, e.g. as a replacement for the portal UWL or for central mobile access for approvers.

Solutions for SAP SRM

ASAPIO Up/Download for Procurement Documents

Export your purchasing documents and import changes easily with the PD Up- and Download.

ASAPIO Bid-Evaluation

The bid evaluation solution is an Add-On for SAP SRM Bidding Engine, and creates a Microsoft® Excel® Document comparing all offers from your suppliers.

ASAPIO Procurement Monitor

With the ASAPIO procurement document monitor, you always have an overview of the most important business data for purchasing documents in SAP SRM and the technical system status.


The solution extends the SAP SRM document overview (POWL) with a combined display of header and item data of the purchasing documents, as well as direct display of follow-on documents.

ASAPIO Forms Catalog

Using Adobe® Forms® technology, the ASAPIO forms catalog can be integrated into SAP SRM and ERP to provide individual forms and layout orders, e.g. for business cards, stationery, forms, greeting cards and many more use cases.

ASAPIO Frequent Shopping Cart

The solution ASAPIO Frequent Shopping Cart allows the automated, scheduled ordering of shopping carts, e.g. for consumable goods.

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