Integrate SAP with any platform

SAP data is key for business processes – Asapio enables you to use it with many platforms and solutions

Native connectivity for SAP® systems
to cloud applications, event messaging platforms and many other solutions

Why use ASAPIO Integration Add-on?

  • Create codeless interfaces in minutes
  • One connectivity solution for any SAP NetWeaver system, including SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA
  • High performance of multiple thousand messages per second
  • Controllable server load for batch loads
  • SAP-certified and SAP standard technology

The key to performance: Change Data Capture on SAP application layer

The Add-on’s unique approach is Change Data Capture on application layer, combined with full database access. This allows real-time integration with external systems, with lowest latency and without the typical limitations of middleware or database-only replication tools.

Find the right ASAPIO Connector for your integration use-case. All Connectors work with ASAPIO Integration Framework and can be combined.

For SAP Fieldglass®

Integrated SAP Fieldglass procurement processes with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP, with SAP’s unique out-of-the box offering based on ASAPIO Integration Add-on. Included in SAP Fieldglass, ERP Editions.

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For SAP Ariba®

ASAPIO enhances SAP Ariba integration: multi-backend connectivity, delta-loads and many more features. Works in addition to SAP Ariba CIG.

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For SAP Event Mesh

Connect a wide range of SAP NetWeaver systems directly to Event Mesh service on SAP Business Technology Platform. SAP-certified.

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For Microsoft® Azure®

Connect the event messaging services on Microsoft Azure directly with SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP. Also supports a hybrid scenario with SAP Event Mesh.

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For Solace®

Event-driven architecture made easy: PubSub+ from Solace, ASAPIOs preferred partner, is a feature-rich and powerful event messaging platform.

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For Confluent®

Confluent offers leading event streaming platform technology, based on Kafka. ASAPIO offers a certified connector for Confluent Cloud and Platform.

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For StreamSets®

StreamSets is a Data Engineering Platform, focussed on continuous and real-time data. ASAPIO Connector for StreamSets allows fast time-to-market and out-of-the-box connectivity for SAP systems.

For Google Cloud®

Pub/Sub is the asynchronous event messaging service on Google Cloud. ASAPIO Connector for Google Cloud brings native connectivity for SAP systems.


SAP OEM Connectors

ASAPIO is proud to be part of SAP’s integration strategy, with their technology being included in the subscription of SAP Event Mesh and SAP Fieldglass, ERP Editions.

SAP NetWeaver® Event-enablement Add-on provides connectivity with SAP Event Mesh on SAP Business Technology Platform® for SAP ERP 
SAP Fieldglass Integration Add-on is a business content package for SAP NetWeaver Event-enablement Add-on, providing end-to-end master data and process integration for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Key Features

One solution for any SAP connectivity

  • Change data capture on SAP application level
  • Full database access
  • Outbound and inbound
  • Add-on for SAP ERP®, SAP S/4HANA®, SAP NetWeaver®

Only one integration solution, for all connectivity use-cases

Code-less + custom code

  • Built in SAP notification messages
  • Create JSON message payload code-less
  • Pre-packaged content available
  • Extensible, with BAdIs and custom connectors

Saves time and money, reduces risk and maintenance efforts

Real-time events + mass data transfer

  • Single event mode
  • Batch mode
  • Multi-threaded mode, for large data volume
  • Trigger events by configuration

Event-driven integration is strategy, at SAP and Customers

Available features are subject to the connector used and application/platform/solution.

Code-less message configuration

ASAPIO delivers built-in features for code-less configuration of events:

Event Notification handler can automatically generate events from SAP business object events, with event name, SAP object type and id.
Compatible with SAP S/4HANA event notifications.

Message Builder generates message payloads automatically, based on tables and fields which can be configured in database views. The handler creates a structured JSON message body and can be used in both event-driven and batch-mode transfers.

Event Notification and Message Builder

Feature announcement: IDoc capturing / IDoc conversion to event messages

IDoc messages have been the gold standard of reliable SAP-to-SAP communication for many years in SAP ERP, and are still strategic and relevant for SAP S/4HANA – ASAPIO Integration Add-on now allows you to use all your SAP standard and custom IDocs in todays heterogeneous IT landscapes and for event-driven architecture – code-less!

  • On-the-fly IDoc conversion to JSON-based messages, bidirectional
  • for SAP-to-SAP connectivity via data brokers and platforms
  • for SAP-to-any connectivity, using IDocs as a proven and reliable interface

Martin Schöffler

Product Owner
Integration Solutions

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