Connect to Solace PubSub+

Enable SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA for Event Driven Architecture

ASAPIO offers code-less integration of SAP data to Solace® PubSub+®

Connect Solace PubSub+ event broker to your SAP ECC and S/4HANA systems. Create an event mesh that moves events safely, reliably and in real time from any system to any system, whereever needed.

Together, Solace and ASAPIO enable event-driven real-time communication between SAP and non-SAP apps, for on-prem and hybrid cloud environments.

For information on connecting to SAP Advanced Event Mesh, please click here: Connector for SAP Advanced Event Mesh.

Why using ASAPIO?

  • Installs on ECC and SAP S/4HANA, no separate server required
  • Create low-code + no-code interfaces
  • Real-time SAP application integration
  • Mass data capable
  • For outbound + inbound messaging
  • Lightweight + fast
  • Certified by SAP
  • Proven: ASAPIO technology is also part of two SAP standard products

How does this work?

Solace PubSub+ and ASAPIO Integration Add-on (ACI) enable enterprises to listen for changes in data generated by SAP systems on-premises (ECC modules, S/4HANA, etc.) and stream them in real-time across the distributed enterprise. For all the reasons why you might want to do this, see my first post on this topic: How to Build an Event-Driven Architecture for SAP Data.

This post focuses on the technical details of the solution. It’s based on a 6-minute webinar run by Solace’s Ricardo Gomez-Ulmke.

Outbound messaging features:

  • Push data out, real-time
  • Single events and mass data transfer
  • Code-less data modelling
  • Supports JSON, CloudEvents, XML, custom formats

Inbound messaging features:

  • Pull or push data in
  • Hand-over data to IDoc, BAPI, custom-code, etc.
  • Supports JSON, CloudEvents, XML, custom formats

ASAPIO supports a wide range of proven SAP standard concepts as trigger for an event:

  • SAP Business Object events (‘BOR’)
  • SAP Business Transaction Events (‘BTE’)
  • SAP Change Documents (‘CDHDR’/’CDPOS’)
  • IDocs
  • SAP Output Determination
  • These concepts work for most SAP standard or custom applications.
  • If not, custom code triggers can be implanted with a very low effort.

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