Connect SAP systems to Google Cloud

SAP integration to Pub/Sub, BigQuery and other great Google Cloud services.

ASAPIO Connector for Google Cloud


ASAPIO is a Google Cloud partner and offers ASAPIO Integration Add-on, for SAP systems allows an effort-less and direct connectivity with Google Cloud.

  • Works with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC and many other systems
  • Create interfaces in minutes, code-less
  • Real-time SAP application integration
  • Mass data transfer capable
  • Outbound + inbound messaging

Why integrate SAP with Google Cloud?

  • Sales, production, logistics, finance and other important data resides inside SAP systems
  • Integrating that data in hybrid landscapes is crucial for digitalization of business and processes
  • ASAPIO Add-on directly connects your SAP systems with Google Cloud, effort-less and without a middleware

ASAPIO runs on SAP on-prem, private cloud/hosting and SAP on Google system environments

How it works

  • Directly connect from SAP S/4HANA, ERP or any NetWeaver system to Pub/Sub service on Google Cloud
  • From there, you can integrate with many other services like
    • Dataflow
    • Cloud Storage
    • Firestore
    • BigQuery
    • AppEngine
    • …and many other services

Why is integration with ASAPIO different?

  • Model the message payload directly from SAP application data or database views
  • Switch between real-time event messaging and batch-driven data extraction
  • For real-time mode, you can use SAP Business Object events, IDocs and other built-in SAP features as triggers
  • For batch-driven mode, we provide micro-batching and workload distribution features
  • Data extractors and formatter are fully extensible (BAdIs, custom code)

Code-less configuration

  1. Enter connection data, end-point and authorization data
  2. Configure your message type and payload
  3. Choose the applicable SAP business object event and link it to your just created message type
  4. Choose between real-time / single-event mode or batch driven mode
  5. Activate the connection

Demo Video

Martin Schöffler

Product Owner
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