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Pre-requisites: Please check out the section about Installation first.


The ASAPIO integration solution leverages following components to facilitate the integration of supported SAP NetWeaver® systems with StreamSets® Platform.

Add-on/component name Type
ASAPIO Integration Add-on – Framework Base component (required)
ASAPIO Integration Add-on – Connector (for StreamSets®) Additional package

Pre-requisites for StreamSets® services

A StreamSets® broker with a REST endpoint is required. The REST endpoint must be reachable from the SAP server which holds the ACI installation.

Steps required to establish connectivity

To establish connectivity with the StreamSets® platform, please proceed with the following activities and refer to the specific chapters in this documentation.

  1. Create Cloud Type (Connector)
  2. Create RFC destinations to StreamSets® platform in SAP system settings
  3. Set-up Connection Instance to StreamSets® platform in ASAPIO Integration Add-on

Create Cloud Type

Create a new Cloud Type for StreamSets Connector.

  • Transaction: SPRO
  • Goto ASAPIO Cloud Integrator – Maintain Cloud Adapter
  • Create new Cloud Type “STREAMSETS”
  • Choose description
  • Specify ACI Handler Class: /ASADEV/CL_ACI_STREAMSETS

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Create RFC destination

Create a new RFC destination of type “G” (HTTP Connection to External Server).

  • Transaction: SM59
  • Create new destination of type “G”
  • Specify Target Host: Endpoint of StreamSets® REST Proxy.
  • Specify Path Prefix (optional)

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Set-up connection instance

Create the connection instance customizing that links the RFC destination created earlier with the cloud connector type:

  • Transaction: SPRO
  • Goto ASAPIO Cloud Integrator – Connection and Replication Object Customizing
  • Or go directly to transaction: /ASADEV/68000202
  • Add New Entry and specify:
    • Field Instance: a name for this connection in
    • Field RFC Dest. (Upload): the RFC destination create for the messaging endpoint 
    • Field ISO Code: the code page to use. Typically this would be UTF-8.
    • Field Cloud Type: STREAMSETS (or the name you chose when adding the connector)

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Set-up Error Type Mapping

Create an entry in section Error Type Mapping and specify at least the following mapping:

Resp. Code: 207 Message Type: Success

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