Confluent Integration

For SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver Systems —
Certified by Confluent for Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud


ASAPIO Connector for Confluent enables direct connectivity for SAP® systems to the Confluent universe

  • Certified, visit Confluent Hub for details
  • Supports a wide range of SAP NetWeaver based systems, including SAP ERP, S/4HANA, BW, HCM and many more
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to Confluent® Platform and Confluent® Cloud
  • REST-based outbound communication via Confluent Kafka REST proxy (push)
  • Inbound interface via Confluent Kafka REST proxy (pull)
  • Choose between event-driven (single events) or batch mode (multiple events, also multiple events per REST proxy call)
  • Supported communication direction: Outbound, Inbound
  • Batch mode allows multi-threading with multiple SAP work processes

Free Workshop:
Connecting SAP systems to Confluent

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  • FAQ on architecture and connectivity
  • Examples how to generate and consume events
  • Discuss use-cases and ideas with our expert

Martin Schöffler

Product Owner Event Messaging

Why connecting SAP systems to Confluent®?

Confluent Platform is the leading enterprise platform for harnessing Data in Motion on your private infrastructure. Unrestricted developer productivity, freedom of choice about the infrastructure and efficient operations at scale are just some of the strong benefits of Confluent Platform.

Confluent Cloud brings you the full power of data in motion while avoiding the headaches of infrastructure management. Focus on what matters: your business. Confluent Cloud is a complete, cloud-native service for connecting and processing all of your data, everywhere it’s needed.

How does it work?

ASAPIO Connector for Confluent is based on ASAPIO Integration Add-on, a proven SAP-certified solution and robust framework for many integration use-cases.

The Connector communicates with a REST proxy, in a push mode for outbound messages and a pull mode for inbound messages. The REST proxy directly communicates with Confluent Platform or Cloud.

Out-of-the-box connectivity, with just a few configuration steps

  1. Enter connection data to the REST proxy end-point
  2. Configure the required authorization data on Connector side
  3. Configure your message type and payload
  4. Choose the applicable SAP business object event and link it to your just created message type
  5. Choose between real-time / single-event mode or batch driven mode
  6. Activate the connection
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