ASAPIO Symposium 2022

Event-Driven Architecture for SAP Customers

March 8 | 16h-18h CET | 10am-12pm EST

Simplify integration of SAP processes with today’s platforms and solutions.

Speakers: Microsoft, Siemens and SAP

Thanks to our over 100 attendees and the speakers! Please find the videos and slides below.

Why is EDA relevant for SAP Customers?

For decades, point-to-point or classic middleware approaches were the only and costly way to connect SAP systems to the outside IT landscapes. Industry analysts predict an ever growing number of system interfaces to come along with proceeding digitalisation. EDA is the way ahead to master that.

  • What are the benefits of EDA for SAP integration, and how to use these in your real-life IT scenarios?
  • Speakers from top SAP customers Microsoft and Siemens
  • Learn how you can manage integration of sales, production, logistics and other critical business data with todays platforms and solutions

Agenda & Speakers

Session 1 — 16:00-16:30 CET | 10-10:30am EST

Keynote: Simplify application integration with Event-Driven Architecture

Clemens Vasters, Principal Architect Messaging Services and Standards


  • What is EDA, what is an Event?
  • Event streaming vs. single events
  • Architecture examples
  • Benefits of application extensibility with Event-Driven Architecture
In between — 16:30-16:40 CET | 10:30-10:40am EST

Live demo: How to create an interface for approving SAP purchase orders in Microsoft Teams

Martin Schöffler, Product Owner


In this live configuration session,

we create an event-driven outbound and inbound interfaces

to send a SAP purchase order change to Azure for approval.

Session 2 — 16:40-17:05 CET | 10:40-11:05am EST

Enabling Siemens NextGenP2P platform cloud data management

Connecting multiple SAP and non-SAP systems to Siemens’ cloud-based procurement and payment platform was a challenge where real-time application integration and a universal architecture were key to success.

Simeon Weibler, Product Owner – NextGenP2P


Video and slides will follow soon. Please check back end of this week.

Session 3 — 17:05-17:30 CET | 11:05-11:30am EST

Supply chain integration – leveraging an Azure event-based architecture from SAP

Kevin Wilson, Program Management Architect


Many operational business processes require near real-time attention and response, which, in turn, requires near real-time access to SAP events and related transaction data.  An effective and common solution is to leverage SAP business events in combination with an Event-driven architecture.
At Microsoft, we leverage this in production for internal SAP PO change notifications and ASN exception handling, with plans to incorporate more events across more processes.

Session 4 — 17:30-17:55 CET | 11:30-11:55pm EST

SAP’s Event-Driven Ecosystem

Did you know how SAP’s cloud-based offerings can easily provide you with all the services for event-driven architecture, including integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC?

Karsten Strothmann, Product Manager and Evangelist for SAP Event Mesh


End — 17:55-18:00 CET | 11:55-12:00pm EST

ASAPIO Integration Roadmap

Q&A Session (please use Q+A/Chat for questions)

Florian Farr, Head of Sales


Recording + Slides Download

Please find recordings and slides above, next to the agenda item. We will add further material the next days.


Q: Will there be a recording? Can we get the slides showed?

A: We make slides and recordings available on this website, please see above, next to each agenda item.


Q: Is there a fee to participate?

A: No, the event is free of charge.


Q: I registered at LinkedIn, but can’t see a link to participate?

A: We will publish the direct link to the online meeting on the day of the event on LinkedIn, on the event page.

Q: Which meeting technology is used?

A: We use Microsoft Teams Live Event. Participants don’t need a license to join


Q: Do I need to install software?

A: No. You can use your Teams client if you have it installed, or you can join via web browser only.


Q: I am not registered with LinkedIn, how can I still participate?

A: Please contact us through and ask for a personal participant invitation.

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