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Export AsyncAPI specification

AsyncAPI provides a standard for defining event-driven APIs using asynchronous messaging. It is used by various tools to increase interoperability.

By providing an AsyncAPI export for the interfaces configured in the ASAPIO Integration Addon, the events from the SAP system can be easily integrated into API management solutions. These solutions are used as a central documentation hub for the available APIs in an architecture.
The new export makes it easy to get a correct schema definition of the configured payload structure and can combine it with the information of the target topic/queue/endpoint.

Note: new feature in release 9.32304

All interfaces defining the payload using DB/CDS views or the Payload Designer are supported.

Interfaces using custom extractors / formatters or notification events are currently not supported. 

Using the export

The export in this release will provide you with a file containing the  specification for the selected interfaces. You can import this file into other tools supporting AsyncAPI.

To export an AsyncAPI specification for your interfaces:

  • Transaction: SA38
  • Specify:
    • Cloud Instance: the target system for which to generate the specification
    • Outbound Object: optional – if empty all configured interfaces are exported
    • Title: a name for the AsyncAPI specification
    • Version: version string for the generated AsyncAPI specification
    • Path / filename: where to save the generated specification file

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