GDPR compliance functions

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ASAPIO Integration Add-on supports features to help customers/users comply with GDPR regulations, in the following areas:

  • Right to information
  • Right of deletion
  • Right to data migration

In general, there are two scenarios where customer data, including personally identifiable data of individuals, might be stored within ASAPIO Integration Add-on:

  1. ASAPIO Integration Add-on configuration or customizing, e.g. SAP user id, that created a configuration set.
  2. In header or payload of messages or transmission logs created by ASAPIO Integration Add-on, based on customers individual configuration. Example: supplier contact data, employee data records, etc.

No data is transferred or stored at ASAPIO servers or premises. Customer is solely responsible where data is stored.

Right to information / Where does ASAPIO store customer data?


Right of deletion / How can ASAPIO stored data be deleted?


Right to data migration / How can ASAPIO stored data be downloaded or transferred?

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