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Tasks to schedule

The reports described in this section are recommended to be scheduled so the ASAPIO Integration Addon works properly.

Delete change pointers

Report RBDCPCLR (or transaction BD22)

The framework uses its own change pointers to use for re-processing and to keep track when an event has been successfully sent.

If it is not scheduled yet you have to schedule report RBDCPCLR

The report has separate settings for processed and unprocessed (obsolete) change pointers and can be scheduled for certain message types.

Please also check the following note for details on this report: https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2676539

Recommended schedule:

  • Clean processed change pointers after 1-2 weeks
  • Clean unprocessed change pointers after 1-2 month

Reprocess failed calls


In order to reprocess failed calls, you create a variant for transaction /ASADEV/ACI including the outbound objects that should be handled. This variant has to be scheduled as a job so it runs periodically.

Please see also: https://asapio.com/docs/outbound/#define_variant

Recommended schedule depends on your requirements for maximum delay of events etc. A typical schedule is once every 15 minutes

Delete traces and logs


To delete the log entries created by the framework (in its own tables, i.e. the data visible in transaction /ASADEV/ACI_MONITOR) and also the traces if it is turned on you can use report /ASADEV/ACI_AMRLOG_DELETE

Schedule a job to delete the log entries on your schedule.

A typical duration to keep is 1-3 months.

Active alerting


The report /ASADEV/ACI_ACTIVE_ALERTING can be scheduled to check the status of the configured interfaces. It will check the ratio of failed/successful calls in a specified period (e.g. the last 30 mins) and notifies the configured users in case the ratio is above the threshold  (for the configuration see also: https://asapio.com/docs/monitoring/#pro-active_administrator_alerting)

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