Transport/backup of configuration data

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ASAPIO-specific configuration data is stored in tables in /ASADEV/ namespace, with a delivery class that does not automatically record new or changed entries. Reason is that most customizing is system-specific and needs to be changeable locally.

Create transport request

To transport configuration settings, you are required to add the desired tables manually to a transport request.

  1. Go to transaction SE09,
  2. Create or open the desired workbench transport,
  3. Double-click on the task and go to tab “Objects”,
  4. Switch to ‘Edit’ mode.
  5. You can add tables by choosing
    1. “Program ID” as “R3TR”,
    2. “Object Type” as “TABU”,
    3. “Object Name” = the table name you want to add to the transport.
  6. To add all entries of the table to the transport you can enter “Table Keys” as “*” with the “Function” button.

If you want to only transport specific entries from the table, please enter the key of the entry you like to transport.

ASAPIO configuration tables

The following tables in ASAPIO namespace keep relevant configuration data:

Table Name Purpose / Description
/ASADEV/AMR_EVEN Load Events (Fieldglass, SAP Event Mesh)
/ASADEV/AMR_CONN Cloud Instance
/ASADEV/ACI_SHDE Attributes per Cloud Instance

*Please add two entities with “*”: /ASADEV/ACI_CNST and /ASADEV/ACI_CNTT

Definition of Global Functions
/ASADEV/ACI_GLOB Activation of Global Functions / Constants
/ASADEV/ACI_DEFA Default values
/ASADEV/ACI_EMAP Handling of Return codes / Error messages
/ASADEV/AMR_OBJ Outbound Objects
/ASADEV/ACI_HATT Header Attributes of Replication Objects
/ASADEV/ACI_XML XML Mapping fields
/ASADEV/AMR_OB_I Inbound Objects
/ASADEV/ACI_MDOC Inbound Object field mapping
/ASADEV/ACI_FGUN Unit of Measurement conversion FG <-> SAP
/ASADEV/ACI_FGPL Relevant plants for Fieldglass
/ASADEV/ACI_FGCC Relevant company codes for SAP Fieldglass


Multi-client systems

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