ASAPIO Integration Add-on — SAP Store Edition

Directly connects SAP systems to cloud plattforms and applications.

Why using ASAPIO?

ASAPIO enables SAP systems for event-driven connectivity, with many platforms and application.
Unlike many other solutions, ASAPIO uses SAP application layer integration instead of a database-only/CDC integration.
ASAPIO Add-on detects when and which data exactly is being created or changed by SAP applications, and allows to send out that data as single messages in real-time, or even in batch-mode.
Benefits of using ASAPIO for your data and process integration:

  • For any SAP connectivity
  • Low-code + no-code interfaces
  • Real-time SAP application integration
  • Mass data capable
  • Outbound + inbound messaging
  • Lightweight + fast
  • Certified by SAP
  • Proven: ASAPIO technology is part of two SAP standard products

More info

Find more info on the general features of ASAPIO Integration Add-on on the main page: click here.

SAP Store Edition

When requesting license contracts through SAP Store, either by you as Customer, a Partner or through an SAP representative, ASAPIO Integration Add-on — SAP Store Edition is offered. Benefits of SAP Store Edition over other licensing options from ASAPIO:

  • 6-month minimum  subscription period only
  • Pricing starts at $2,400 USD / month
  • Includes additional free Object
  • Subscription/purchase notification through SAP Store
  • Payment through Wire Transfer, SEPA or Credit Card billing.
  • Contracts, invoicing and payment is directly with ASAPIO
  • ASAPIO Terms & Conditions apply.

Please note: only SAP Store Editions are eligible for SAP Store revenue share.


Please contact us on licensing, demo and other questions.

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